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Relationships with Others
It is a fact of life that you have to deal with people - in relationships with family, friends, co-workers and in your daily life. If you have a greater understanding of yourself and of what your reactions are, both consciously and unconsciously, you are at a good starting point for improving the way you interact with others.

In a personal crisis you cope only with yourself but, when another person is in the picture, your actions are more limited because you have to consider the needs and desires of that person as well as your own.

Before you can determine the most effective course of action, you need to examine what is wrong with the relationship. If you were to decide to terminate it without investigation, you may be making the same mistake, time after time, in all your relationships.

I believe that any relationship can last if the two people involved want it to and are willing to work at it. However, no relationship is totally self-sustaining, nor can one person hold a relationship together single-handedly for an extended period of time.

Sometimes you may try to convince your partner to work on eliminating annoying characteristics. This isn't always possible if it involves characteristics that are basic to their personality, as is indicated by the horoscope. If that is the case, then any changes will likely only be temporary.
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