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Holistic Astrological Counseling
Holistic Astrological Counseling involves working with issues such as authority figures, emotional inhibition and feeling over-responsible. Issues such as these have to be resolved through personal development and are NOT "fated patterns" that can never be changed.

Crisis is not a disaster, it is a turning point. It is a point in which the past has a minimum hold on the present, but the present has a maximum hold on the future. In a crisis we actually have more freedom than usual, but, at the same time, the consequences of our actions at these times may strongly determine what will follow.

With Holistic Astrological Counseling, I will interpret your astrological information, translate the information into psychological patterns and behaviours, and provide you with communication that is understandable and useful.

I do not tell my clients what their life direction or action may be, but rather, I describe what kinds of energies the proper action should manifest, and I suggest ways in which energies can manifest more smoothly, leading to personal and spiritual growth.

A question often asked is: "How can I change this?" Nothing can be changed until it is first understood. After it is understood, and only then, the right decision can be made. Often just explaining the dynamics of the situation is enough for a client to work things out for themselves.
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Phone: 519-726-6699