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John Bee at AM800 radio station
John B
John B was born in Windsor in the late 1950's, which makes him just old enough to vaguely remember where he was when President Kennedy was shot. He assures us he has an air tight alibi. Details of his birth are sketchy as he claims he was too young to remember it. Childhood found him excelling in grade school and falling victim to the various spectres who inhabited his world. A run-in with the school bully in the sixth grade taught the young ruffian a lesson as John continued to head butt the bully's fist until blood ran red in the streets.

Where grade school was a progression of Student of the Year certificates, high school was not as easy on the young John. His parents made sure he enrolled in five year math and french programs to bring his average down a bit. He even ventured into a year or two of Latin for reasons that he couldn't explain now or then. "Semper ubi sub ubi.", is all he remembers of that class.

University taught him the finer points of Anthropology and Classical Civilizations...the highlight being Greek and Roman literature. Yikes! Finding himself three credits short of his degree, he set out to put it all to practical use and became a proud member of the Canadian Professional Golfer's Association. While discovering his natural lack of golfing ability and earning next to no money, he married the love of his life Erika, whom he met in english class during the last semester of high school.

Realizing that a career as a golf professional held no future for him as he wasn't much of a drinker nor a very good striker of the golf ball, he returned to university and completed his degree in anthropology before taking the next logical step, setting out as a new car salesman. Sensing the same success looming in sales as he did in the CPGA, he promised to give it a solid one year try. Fifty two weeks later he gave his two week notice and a fifty four week career was done. Just over one hundred cars sold and a nick name of 'no gross', as he mostly sold the cars at cost. He is still proud of the fact that he neither made nor cost the dealership any money. So as you have probably figured out by now, John is a Registered Dental Technologist.

All of this helped John realize what he was best at... grade school.

The passing of John and Erika's beloved dog Sam led them to Terri from whom they got their beloved Jack and later Gypsy. Jack is brilliant and loving and empathetic and Gypsy likes cookies. A great friendship ensued and one day Terri asked John if he would come aboard if she did a radio show. This pleased John to no end as he loved radio, having been a fan of the Goon Show and Max Ferguson during his formative years and having two very good friends who were on-air personalities at CKLW in the 1980's. Terri suggested it would probably be about six years down the line, which left John much time to get ready. Six years later, Terri called John and asked if he was ready to do the show. He said, "YES!", right away.

He lied...but is loving every second of it.
K9 Korral
Dog Training in Windsor and Essex County
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Website: www.k9korralwindsor.com
Phone: 519-726-6699
Email: terri.coutts@gmail.com
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