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Chris at Windsor Riverwalk Gardens in Windsor
Chris Bent
Once upon a time, in a century long ago, there was born a very wise webmaster. But that's another story. Today let me tell you about our webmaster.

He was born. The experience wasn't such a confidence booster. When they presented him to his mother, she took a look and said "Is that mine?" Being a virtuous mother, she brought him home anyway.

The very next day he began working on redesigning Terri's website.

Not wishing to mislead her, he told her that it might take awhile to complete the task. Terri will attest to the fact that he was indeed true to his word. Sixty-two years later he completed the project. Did I mention that he's a bit of a perfectionist?

When he was a young lad of about three or four, he took a tumble and hit his head on a big rock. The rock never recovered. As for Chris, he immediately took a great interest in the profound mysteries of life. Why does Howdy Doody have freckles? And if Roy Roger's horse was named "Trigger", why did Roy have to do all the shooting?

About five or six decades later it occurred to him that banging his head against life's questions was not the ideal way to relate to life's great mysteries. The rock taught him that...but he's a bit of a slow learner. It dawned on him that life isn't so much about asking questions as it is about accepting the "Isness" of it all.

Soon afterward he met his beautiful Thai wife. She's much, much softer than a big rock and she graced his life with a wonderful gift...profound kindness.
Dog Training in Windsor and Essex County
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Website: www.k9korralwindsor.com
Phone: 519-726-6699
Email: terri.coutts@gmail.com
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