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Join us as we search out opportunities to share the energy of universal kindness. Like a soothing balm, pink light can contribute to the healing and improvement of any life circumstance. And when the energy is sent out collectively, its effect is amplified.
K-9 Korral
Dog Training Services
by Terri Coutts
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Terri Coutts
1128 Brush Road
RR#2 Essex, Ontario, Canada
N8M 2X6

Phone: 519-726-6699

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Welcome to Insights
Terri Coutts
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Hello! I am Terri Coutts, a predictive astrologer. I offer a variety of services involving personal astrology readings.

Feel free to contact me if you would like a personal reading by phone or in person. Please browse through this website to learn more about what I do and how I may be able to be of help to you on your personal journey.

Our website offers you information on services and products that may be supportive and helpful on your journey toward balance, harmony and well-being.

It is my hope that we will find ways together to collectively manifest the power of benevolent energetic activism in our world. You can make a difference!
Love and Light,
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Dog Training Courses
that you and your dog will love
A variety of multi-week training courses for Obedience, Exercise and Dancing with Your Dog and Agility. Preregistration required.
When: Contact Terri for dates/times
Pre-register: 519-726-6699
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Callers to Insights with Terri Coutts on
CKLW AM800 - The Information Station
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Macs Convenience Stores
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Fears of a Clown

A Collection of Short, Short Stories
In his first compilation of short stories, author John Bruno, the co-host of Insights with Terri Coutts on AM800, shares colorful glimpses of the fictional world of a diverse group of spirited individuals who offer thought-provoking messages as they experience both mundane and life-altering events - often with a surprising twist.
Now Available:
ISBN: 9781426974762

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You Are Love Movie
by Mary Robinson Reynolds
Your love is all healing, all protecting. Your love heals all inharmony. It is not possible to love and judge in the same instant...

A beautifully inspiring movie. Watch the Movie

If there is one thing you can know with certainty, let it be matter! - Chris Bent